Outdoors with Outdoors Dan Show 7-9am Sat News Radio 1040 WHO - Des Moines Iowa: On the latest edition of "Outdoors with Outdoors Dan - November 10th,  2018 - This week we were back live doing our annual Salute to the Troops Show. We talked a little Deer hunting in Iowa. Got a fishing report from Dave at Sportsman's Warehouse.  We also did Trivia and a Smokin Joe Report from Karl Chevrolet! . See you next Sat 7-9am

This week on the Outdoors Dan Show -on the Big 550 KTRS St Louis MO - Sunday nights  6-8pm!
This week we are talking with Robert from Giant Snacks. Phillip Vanderpool from Virtue TV!  Bucks and Fall fishing with Dan Brothers.We will be back next week with Dan brothers!

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Imperial RV/Outdoors Dan  "The Ugly Camper Contest" is Under way. Just listen to News Radio 1040 WHO Sat 7-9am for your chance to qualify!

This months Featured  episodes of Outdoors Traditions TV.

This month you get to see my take my largest White Tail to date in Iowa!

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November 24 - 10-11am  “Shotgun Season Preview - Sportsmans Warehouse Ankeny Iowa
December 22 - 10-11am “Outdoors Dan Christmas” Sportsmans Warehouse Ankeny Iowa

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We took the Challenge,  and switched to Elite! We are hunting with the Ritual this Season!

 Opening Day in Iowa is October 1st 2018!

 I have the Stealth Cams out, waiting to see what Monsters are lurking in the woods! Can not wait to get my Ritual lined up on a couple big boys this season! Here is a little guy I got running around where I am hunting.

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